Friday, February 9, 2007

Ono! Here We Go

Friday is the end of the week for most, but for me it is the beginning. I'll go in after two days off and hope my co-workers did their jobs and left my station at least some what prepped. Today too is the first day of my new blog. I'm opening with a photo of an ono dish I did for work. The fish was seared with a torch, cut thin, then I marinated with a dressing of orange oil, balsamic gastrique, white soy sauce, and lemon juice topped with sea salt and fresh cracked white pepper. Ono is an oily fish and the bright dressing cuts through to create a clean mouth feel. I was really happy with this one, for now it sums up my style and my approach to food, which is still somewhat nascent. I am interested in clean flavors that find balance. The Goldilocks ideal of just enough food and just right combinations, presented dramatically but without gimmicks. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, you're cool.


Foodie and the Feast said...

I'm so glad you started a blog. However, I do not appreciate you stealing my Goldilocks reference. (See my Meiji article.) :-) I love you anyway, and I can't wait to read your latest installments.

dorian said...

"Whoever heard of "raw fish"? City peoples scare me."
Eli, looks Awesome! I love the cleanliness and feel!