Thursday, March 22, 2007

Midnight Snack Musings

Midnight snacks are about primal urges and though I will always love Ramen noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches, sometimes something new will only do. Late night snack improvisations are the stuff of legends, everyone has a favorite story to tell of the amazing sandwich made with left overs or the odd food combination magic inspired by drunken laziness. After cooking for work all night and getting home late I rarely want to extend much energy so Ramen will do, but last night, out of noodles and wanting more, I turned to the can of smoked sardines in oil I keep tucked in the cabinet for emergencies. Raiding the fridge for mise en place I came away with freshly bought pitas Thao had picked up, cream cheese she claimed I would never use, four lonesome olives huddled together in a forgotten jar, and some preshredded cheese, a parm and mozz mix with garlic flavor added. I pretoasted the amazingly light and fluffy pitas then topped with said ingredients and popped back into toasted oven briefly on broil to finish. In minutes I was rewarded with one of the best, simple and rustic, soothing and satisfying snacks in memory. Paired with a Goose Island honkers ale, I was in snack heaven.