Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Italian Chop Salad, Vino at the Landing

This is my favorite salad ever, so far... I could eat this everyday and be very happy. My boss says it's a man's salad, because it is hearty and filling, but I think it's good for all genders :) There's a lot going on texturally, from the crunch of croutons and crisp bite of brined baby carrots, to the soft chewiness of salami, and the bright juiciness of Roma tomato, it all blends together in a delicious unified whole with the introduction of my creamy Italian dressing.

The secret to a great salad is dressing it properly, adding just enough dressing so you taste it over the greens but doesn't overwhelm the salad and become too rich or heavy. If the greens are wet enough but I want more flavor I add salt, a little salt goes a long way towards boosting flavor, adding a little more acid; a fresh squeeze of lemon juice, never hurts either.

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