Sunday, April 1, 2007

Creamy Crimini Soup

Here is a simple soup I've made before but improved a bit with the addition of white truffle oil. The oil is a rather strong and distinctive flavor I've tried before on eggs and pasta but a light hand is required or it will overwhelm these subtle flavors. Potatoes however contain large starchy molecules that can absorb lots of flavor so more is necessary, just as potatoes require a good deal of salt to taste seasoned. This time the soup was started with a saute of criminis, garlic, and leeks; to which diced peeled potatoes were added then covered with chicken stock and left to simmer till tender. I cooled the soup quickly with chicken stock ice cubes, pureed most of the soup, passed through a sieve to create a more luxurious mouth feel, then added back to the pot with some of the chunky bits I wanted for textural contrast. The soup was gently reheated with a touch of cream then finished by stirring in the truffle oil and garnished with a few more, nicely seared criminis. Quick, simple, and deeply satisfying, perfect for a rainy day meal.

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psychopooch said...

Just discovered ur blog through an Illustration Friday post. The food looks yummy!