Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seattle Pho

Seattle is a great town for Pho, a wonderful Vietnamese soup with rice noodles and a terrific beef broth. This one I had downtown on 3rd at Cafe Pho and it was very good and affordable. I love this soup because it is filling but not heavy or fatty like most American food. The bun at the bottom was purchased at Sun Bakery in Chinatown and despite the cheap cheese used it was excellent! The dough was sweet and just slightly salty, think ephemerally light cheese pretzel, the big soft doughy kind. I was lucky to get three buns right out of the oven as I showed up at 11 for an early lunch (my breakfast). Not shown are the BBQ pork and curry beef buns I also eagerly consumed.

If anyone out there knows about the Seattle food scene, please drop me a line about any favorite places I should visit. I love affordable ethnic places and the more creative of the high end type restaurants. I'm also looking for foodie dining buddies so let me know!


Bradford said...

There is certainly a lot of pho to try in this city. Check out to check out people's reviews of various pho places as well as other eateries around town. You can see my reviews at Hope that can help you out as you adjust to the Emerald City! Welcome Eli!

get zapped said...

Yes, I love Pho, too. If you check on the Ave in the U District, you'll find at least 5 Pho places.

Here is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, which is more than a Pho place Tamarind Tree

And a couple more interesting places around the Seattle area.

Nepali, Indian & Tibetan Everest Kitchen

Indonesian Indo Cafe

So enjoy!

Btw, I love your blogs, they're beautiful and your dishes look delicious.

Karen said...

Have you been to Malay Satay Hut (they have one right in Seattle and one in Bellevue... or this one I have never been to (and pretty new) but read good reviews on Yelp of Julia's Indonesian Kitchen... will try when I next head out there...

Let me know if you like them :)