Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Black Bottle Bistro

Black Bottle Bistro is one sexy restaurant. I clean up OK, I'm by no means a hipster, but I felt perfectly at home sitting at the bar with the fabulous people sipping martinis. The bar tender was a friendly and refined fellow and the food felt just as welcoming. So far I've only had the dried cherry and smoked chicken flat bread, I say so far because everything here looked fabulous coming out of the kitchen and smelled great too so I intend on returning soon. I had to restrain myself from stealing morsels from my neighbors at the bar. I've actually made flat breads at a fancy restaurant in Chicago under the direction of an Iron Chef contestant, so it's no light recommendation that I say the flat breads here are worth a trip for. I did request some salt, but that's pretty standard with me. The balance of meat to cheese with the earthy sweetness of the cherries and occasional hint of rosemary was spot on, very close to perfection, my hats off to the chef!

I walked there all the way from the Elliot Bay Cafe in Pioneer Square, which for me wasn't a long walk, but I was approached by crazed meth heads (at least their eyes were glassy) on two occasions. Where are the cops in this town? One of the guys punched a metal sign just a few feet from me and was stomping around as if looking for easy prey, lucky for me I don't flinch easily and he moved on. I've felt at ease in Seattle until this occurred, I assume it's a problem in that area, so watch yourself.


get zapped said...

Where is this Bistro located? I'll have to check it out, sounds yummy. Sorry about your meth experience, as I've said before this town is being hit with big problems and I hope it improves. I'm leery of Pioneer Sq at night due to this very issue.

Btw, a friend told me about a celebration dinner at A Julia's in Ravenna. It's Indonesian fare. I've never been there, so I can't recommend it, but it sure looks good...

erincupcake. said...

The Bistro sounds incredible... Maybe I'll hit it up the next time I'm in Seattle.

...thanks for commenting.