Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sichuanese Cuisine

Had a great dinner tonight in Chinatown. This place may not be swank, in fact it's a dive, but the food is excellent and the servers are actually prompt and friendly! I had the Cumin Lamb, xinjiang style, I guess that means rockin' style, my loose translation. I was surprised at the volume of lamb and the heaping mound of rice they served with it, I nearly polished it all off too, the spice fueling my appetite. I honestly don't remember forking it in with such gusto in recent memory, the lamb was perfectly tender and the multitude of sauteed onions were a treat.

My only regret is that the cutie at the adjacent table didn't agree to join me, well, we'll always have Sichuanese...

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Kathleen Rietz said...

You're doing it mouth is watering.