Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bokchoy For Breakfast?

Here is my version of a dish my friend Thao makes, mine is a little Americanized. Having no fish sauce on hand I simply used salt and pepper to season. I cook the eggs first (in butter) then set aside, insuring that they aren't overdone, next I saute the white parts of some baby bokchoy then add the rice (left overs) and the green parts, along with some water and flat leaf parsley (because it was there); after a minute or so. I also stirred in some Vietnamese chili and garlic paste for a little added Oomph! Not your typical American breakfast but maybe it should be, the chilies definitely woke me up a bit!

I am helping to cater three weddings over three days (and nights) this weekend. Luckily after my long day yesterday I was able to sleep in a little. Hopefully this meal will give me the boost I'll need for another long one.

Good eating everyone!


Kathleen Rietz said...

Actually, I love this sort of breakfast. I used to make hearty breakfast burritos, and I will add "anything" leftover and spicy to my eggs.

buep said...

This looks very tasty! I still don't know if I would have it early in the morning, but it could be a great lunch :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! (I think I'll be back for dinner!)

Take care!

Wynne Chen said...

wow~~~I feel hungry now!!
All the food look so good!

Ester said...

wow, this looks delicious! (and great food pics btw - your photographs are stunning)