Thursday, August 2, 2007

Spanglish Dish

Today I made an early dinner of grilled chicken thighs that I shredded and mixed with black beans that had been simmered with garlic, thyme, bay leaf, oregano, and minced cilantro stems (they have lots of flavor). What made the dish for me was the perfectly plump corn that I grilled in the husk after soaking in a water bath for twenty minutes. The corn steams inside its own skin and comes out beautifully sweet and tender, just watch it, mine caught aflame a bit but was easily tamped out. Browning both sides of the corn in a medium hot space on the grill should do it, squeezing with the tongs you should be able to feel a bit of give that will let you know it's done. I mixed the corn, chicken, and beans together, making sure to add the delicious juices of the chicken that came out while cooling. To this I added some extra virgin olive oil, just a bit to round out the flavors, and adjusted salt levels to my liking. Served over rice, topped with sour cream, sweet sauteed onion, a bit of chili paste, and some fresh sprigs of cilantro. A simple dish that's made great by the addition of the grilled chicken's juices, and by using local corn in season you transform something simple into the sublime.


get zapped said...

Why is it I seem to end up here right before lunch? And then I leave really hungry and yearning for your delectable creations? ;)

Rino Bianco Graphic Design said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!
Love your food, it makes me so hungry visiting this site.
And what a great presentation.
God I wish I could cook like that ... But I love cooking though!! And eating of course haha!! Take care