Friday, August 17, 2007

Roxy's Diner

Roxy's makes one mean Reuben! The meaty sandwich arrives piping hot and oozing goodness. I took several photos before consuming and it hadn't lost its savor and sizzle one bit by the time I bit. Though seductively good from the first mouth full I found the allure fizzled slightly by end due to the saltiness of the meat, and frequent readers know I like the salt. They do have turkey and pastrami options if corned beef isn't your thing. If alone again I will definitely try the turkey, I'd be happy to split the corn beef as it's huge and so very good! The decor of the place is casual, funky, and fun. I sat at the bar and was served by Jamie, a lovely girl who did her job well, and made a newbie feel at home.

I've heard they do other things well so I'll have to post again when I get the chance for a repeat date with Roxy's.

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John Eaton said...

Oh, that's a fine looking sammich, man.